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All Emergencies: Call 911

Non-Emergency 843-527-6763

Poison Control 800-222-1222

SC Forestry 800-986-5256


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Welcome to the Georgetown City Fire Department. Here, it's all about service. Since our founding in 1798, the Georgetown City Fire Department has built a strong reputation for serving the citizens of Georgetown, South Carolina. From fire suppression and emergency first responders, to our emphasis on fire prevention and safety education, the department has always worked diligently to meet the changing needs of our community. This website is another channel through which we can deliver important information and services, in order to further serve the public.

2020 Fire Safe South Carolina Community

We are proud to be recognized for this accomplishment, but we cannot take all the credit.  We would like to thank everyone that supported us throughout this achievement and look forward to making new partnerships along the way.  We would also like to thank our brothers and sisters from our neighboring departments for their hardwork as well!  Stay safe and we hope we can be of help in fire education, fire prevention, and most of all in the time that you need it most!!!


2021 Spring Hyrdant Testing Schedule


Outdoor Burn Permit

Please remember to call the fire department at 843-545-4200 to obtain your burn permit for those living in the city. Details below:
• Must have authorization from Fire Department
• Must obtain a permit for outdoor burning of yard debris (cooking does not require a permit). Permit is good during daylight hours; expires at dark the day it is issued.
• Must be yard debris only
• Water hose present or other means of extinguishing the fire while it is burning and must be able to reach the area where the fire is.
• At least fifty feet from any structure
• Competent person must constantly attend the fire until it is completely out.
• Fire department can order to extinguish the fire if there are complaints about the fire, sudden outdoor changes in weather conditions or requirements of the burn permit were not properly followed.
• Intentional burning of marsh grass/marshlands is prohibited.
• There is a land clearing permit that is obtained through city hall for $50. This allows the owner to burn trees/stumps/ large limbs that have been cleared for a period of five renewal periods within a fourteen day period. We do evaluate the permit each day prior to burning of such.

General Cooking Precautions

General Cooking Precautions
• Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking - frying, broiling or boiling -  at high temperatures.
• Make your cooking area safe. Move things that can burn away from the stove. Turn pot handles toward the back so they can’t be bumped.
• Watch what you’re cooking. Use a timer when roasting a turkey or baking.
• Be prepared. Keep a large pan lid or baking sheet handy in case you need to smother a pan fire.
• Stay awake and alert while you’re cooking. If you see smoke or the grease starts to boil in your pan, turn the burner off.
• Prevent burns. Wear short sleeves when you cook, or roll them up. Don’t lean over the burner. Use potholders and oven mitts to handle hot cookware.

Flood Disaster Aid

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